-Festival d'Avignon, France
-La Tohu Montreal, Canada
-Sporting Club, Monaco         
-Daidogei World Cup Shizouka, Japan          
-Olympic Games 2012, London                     
-Centro Nacional de las Artes, Mexico

kerol portrait

-Cirque du Soleil, Casino Montecarlo
-Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, Paris
-Busan International Comedy Festival, South Korea
-Moscow International Festival in Circus Arts, Russia
-Circa Festival du Cirque Actuel, France
-Festival Hautes Tensions, La Villette, Paris

-Nikulin Circus, Moscow
-Palazzo Graz, Austria
-Palazzo Stuttgart, Germany
-Teatro Circo Price, Madrid
-Fremantle Festival, Australia
-Theatre Bouffes du Nord, Paris


-32 Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain on Arte TV, Paris

-Kabare on National TV1, Moscow

-Còmics Show on TV3, Barcelona

-38 Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain on Arte TV, Paris

-Luar on TVG, Spain

-Le Cabaret plus Grande du Monde on TV5, Paris

-Busan International Comedy Festival Live on Korean National TV, South Korea


"Jeune Talent Cirque Europe" Award, París 2010
Silver Medal, Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain, Paris 2011

"Federation Français des Ecoles du Cirque" Award, París 2011

Trofee from "Musée du Cirque et l'Illusion", Paris 2011

Award of the  Society of Playwrights and Composers                        "SACD Beaumarchais" in circus playwriting, Paris 2016

The Special Award, Moscow International Festival in Circus Arts 2017

Silver Medal, Daidogei World Cup Shizouka, Japan 2017

Golden Medal, Daidogei World Cup Shizouka, Japón 2018

Copia de kerol Price editado.jpg



At the age of 8, after finding a book by Salvador Dalí at home, Kerol forces his mother to take him to the Dalí Museum in Figueres. From this sweet and tender age, surrealism becomes present in his life. Even in his way he dresses, despite his parents despair.

At 11, he is devoted to Queen, and more specifically, to Freddie Mercury. This leads him to perform a playback of 'Living on my Own' at the party of his religious school. After this atypical, and somewhat preposterous performance, the headmaster meets with his parents, but understanding the boy's  Dalinian trend, is finally accepted as a "special" student.

It is not until the age of 20, and after numerous shamanic practices, that Kerol studied physical theatre in El Timbal school in Barcelona. Self-taught in ninjitsu, "human Beatbox" and artistic roller skating, he completes his studies as an eccentric actor at the  circus school Le Lido in Toulouse.

By recycling the ideas that floated between the folds of his brain, he created 'Welcome to my Head'. A solo act of eccentric juggling and beatbox buffoon that has made cry over a hundred children  in less than a year. 'Welcome to my Head' was awarded the silver medal at the 32nd Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris and the gold medal of the Daidogei World Cup in Shizouka (Japan) among other prizes.

After approaching puppet's world side by side with  Jordi Bertran, he decided to follow the study of 'New Magic' given by Raphäel Navarro. He did not intend to make a rabbit appear from a hat or to make a new version of the Muppet show. His aim was to give a magical dimension to the scenography and the objects of his shows.

One summer night, Kerol is possessed by the spirit of funk. He began to dance on his rollerskates in purely New Yorker's style. This brings him, as a matter of course, to practice samurai art on roller skates with a frenzied groove.

After all these experiences, Kerol wishes to use, in each show, the twists and turns and the paradoxes founded along the way.