-It's absolutley important to have a good and strong sound system for the beatbox with subwofers. As the main aspect of the show, everything is around the sound of the beatbox.

-Monitors on stage.


-Shure or Seenhieser microphone system, to connect to my personal headset Seenheiser HSP4.
-Frequency: 863-865 MHz.

If needed, the venue may provide another mic similar to my own:

-We need 2 microphone wireless stands similar to:
I use it in this way:

(at 3:00 minutes)

-Minijack connector for computer


-2 Follow spots for  all the moments that artist is in the audience.

-Central shower light in a few meters from the begining of the stage.

-Cold contras light and warm contra light.

-Stroboscop or similar.

-Lateral light from the ground in direction to the roof  for iluminate the juggling props in the air.

All the light effects you can find it in this video: